Transparent Window Manager 3.3

Transparent Window Manager 3.3: This software helps you to manage your windows settings. Window Manager features: - Startup Manager! Adjust windows settings at start. - Sticky List Manager! Any window can be visible on the active desktop, so window can`t be hidden. - Any window `Transparency` control! You can set alpha blending to any window you want. - Any window `Stay on top` control! Top most window will be visible always. - Any window `Disable Input` control! The window with the `disable input` flag and the `stay on top` flag will

Windows Hunter RC 2: Quick access to hidden and visible windows
Windows Hunter RC 2

window name (you can enter only a part of name) and Windows Hunter will show you windows that contained this word only. You can show or hide any window of any application, it`s usefull when you can`t visually find something or windows outside of screen (Commonly encountered problem for any specialist whom working on different number of monitors). This version is RC1 of Windows Hunter. Windows Hunter allows you to view all windows created by started

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TweakWindow 1.5: TweakWindow: make a window topmost, ghost, chameleon, roll up/down! Try FREE!
TweakWindow 1.5

TweakWindow is a handy window enhancement utility with a wealth of options. You can set your own transparency options, hide, minimize, roll up, place a window on top of all others, make it a "ghost" or even change a window`s icon/title. All this can be done via hot keys, through a window`s system menu or by adding appropriate buttons to a window itself. No one will be able to see what windows you have opened. Try it FREE. See how cool it is!

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OneClick Hide Window 1.6: OneClick Hide Window helps you to hide all active program window immediately
OneClick Hide Window 1.6

OneClick Hide Window helps you to hide all active program window immediately by click left&right mouse buttons. You can hide the browser windows, folder windows, applications windows, all windows in a flash time. Also by this program you can shutdown all active program window in a flash time. Just download and try it, it`s so easy to use, Just one click! Hide all windows ! Hide any window, hide all window, hide all program, hide programs quickly

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Windows Hunter 2008 Professional Windows Hunter task and application management software
Windows Hunter 2008 Professional

window by part of caption. Windows Hunter useful for developers and system administrators, you can find and get special technical information like Window handle, owner process, window long parameters. Another feature of Windows Hunter is function to hide any window - select window and press “Alt+Enter” hotkey or press button “Hide” to hide window from screen. When you will need it again - find it and press “Enter” window will appear.

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Glass Window 2.0.0: Program to make transparent any windows and programs in Windows
Glass Window 2.0.0

windows style Glass Window Is easy to Use, Install, Uninstall and Upgrade (Whit the MSI Installer) You only need a single "click, dragging & drop over the taskbar icon an then relase over the window / program Example: 1.- To apply a transparency effect to one window/program, just Click Over the Glass Window 2 Taskbar Icon, drag your mouse over the window/program and then relase the mouse buton 2.- To remove the transparency effect of any window/program

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Tacoma Window Tinting 1.0: Tacoma Window Tinting, ff toolbar, browser toolbar,firefox
Tacoma Window Tinting 1.0

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